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Flat Stock Icons 2022 SVG Edition

Learn more about our new icon set

It’s here and it’s huge. Over 4,300 icons covering a wide range of common subjects. Supplied as png, ico, and SVG vector images.

Designed in a modern flat style and offering pixel-perfect levels of precision and detail. It’s the perfect cost-effective way to give your apps and websites that professional look you want, ensuring that you or your business stand out from your competition. Need any more help deciding?  Here some of the features that make this stock icon set the one to choose.

Stock Icons

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Advanced SVG Support

It’s been the most requested feature, and finally in the 2021 release, and it’s here. I wanted to make sure GlyphLab’s SVG icons are the best you will find, so it’s taken time and careful thought. Here are some of the game-changing features these SVG icons offer. 

You are in charge

Edit the icons to your heart's content in any vector design package from the industry standard Adobe Illustrator™ to the free, but fully-featured Inkscape™. Scale and change the icons natively in your code, even at runtime.

Thousands of Icons

Our SVG icons do not just cover a subset of the icons like some collections. All 4,300 each in four color states have been carefully created. Over 17,000 separate SVG images.

Clear concise code

SVG code that is stripped-down to the bare minimum, but still clear and meaningful to read. Your developers will love the easily edited SVG code, giving them the ability to make unlimited changes without resorting to graphics software.

Global color variables

Just a few lines of code define the colors used in the icons. Use CSS variables to instantly change the look of the set in minutes instead of days. Rebrand all the icons to suit your corporate colors.

Four Color Styles

The icons are now supplied in four color states. If you are familiar with our previous icon sets you will know that we supply icons in a “normal” default state. A “hot”, more colorful is provided for user feedback or if simply more saturated colors are needed. The greyed “disabled” state is usually used to show that functions are inactive.

We now provide a new “cool” state, with slightly paler, less saturated icons. You can now choose which level of color saturation you prefer.

Four color states

Take a look at all 4,300 icons

Seven Sizes from 16x16 to 256x256

Smartphones, tablets, retina and 4k displays – you need to support so many different sizes of display these days with varying resolutions. That’s why our icons are all supplied in seven sizes. 16×16, 24×24, and 32×32, used to be the most common sizes, but high resolution 4k and retina displays call for larger images, so we also provide 48×48, 64×64.  Finally, big and bold 128×128 and 256×256 pixel sizes give maximum impact – ideal for websites.

Calendar and Clocks Icon Sizes
Icon Sizes

Everything Covered

Having made tens of thousands of icons for individuals and business customers it’s no surprise that we have a good idea what types of functionality you usually need. The stock icon set is spread over several categories, which are summarized below.

However, we realize that everyone’s needs are unique, so if you cannot find something you are looking for, I can make them for you at a competitive rate.  Just get in contact with

documents folders f 1
Documents and Folders
common toolbar f
Common Toolbar
email f
browser networking f
Browser and Social Networking
cursors zoom select f
Cursors, Zoom, and Select
windows views f
Windows and Views
search sort find f
Search, Sort, and Find
calendars clocks f
Calendars and Clocks
security access f
Security and Access
media music games f
Media, Music, and Games
apps utilities networking f
Apps, Utilities, and Networking
database f
signs notifications f
Signs and Notifications
indicators maps markers f
Indicators, Maps, and Markers
arrows f
business commerce finance f
Business, Commerce, and Finance
tasks notes workflow f
Tasks, Notes, and Workflow
design art authoring f
Design, Art, and Authoring
media buttons f
Media Buttons
charts reports f
Charts and Reports
storage devices hardware f
Devices and Hardware
overlays f
weather environment f
Weather and Environment


A single license costs $89 US, with unlimited royalty free use. That includes up to five users for your company and all updates to the set. Purchasing is safe and secure through PayPal, with many ways to pay. (No need for a PayPal account.)

And, of course, fast, personal support from me.

Dave Wilkinson

Let's start talking!

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