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Common Toolbar

Common Toolbar 1000 Common Toolbar 700 Common Toolbar 440

Documents and Folders

Documents and Folders 1000 Documents and Folders 700 Documents and Folders 440

Search, Sort, and Find

Search Sort and Find 1000 Search Sort and Find 700 Search Sort and Find 440


Email 1000 Email 700 Email 440

Browser and Social Networking

Browser and Social Networking 1000 Browser and Social Networking 700 Browser and Social Networking 440

Cursors, Zoom, Fit and Select

Cursors Zoom Fit and Select 1000 Cursors Zoom Fit and Select 700 Cursors Zoom Fit and Select 440

Windows and Views

Windows and Views 1000 Windows and Views 700 Windows and Views 440

Calendars and Clocks

Calendars and Clocks 1000 Calendars and Clocks 700 Calendars and Clocks 440

Security and Access

Security and Access 1000 Security and Access 700 Security and Access 440

Apps, Utilities, and Networking

Apps Utilities and Networking 1000 Apps Utilities and Networking 700 Apps Utilities and Networking 440

Storage, Devices, and Hardware

Storage Devices and Hardware 1000 Storage Devices and Hardware 700 Storage Devices and Hardware 440

Business, Commerce, and Finance

Business Commerce and Finance 1000 Business Commerce and Finance 700 Business Commerce and Finance 440

Users and Contacts

Users and Contacts 1000 Users and Contacts 700 Users and Contacts 440

Design, Art, and Authoring

Design Art and Authoring 1000 Design Art and Authoring 700 Design Art and Authoring 440

Tasks, Notes, and Workflow

Tasks Notes and Workflow 1000 Tasks Notes and Workflow 700 Tasks Notes and Workflow 440

Charts and Reports

Charts and Reports 1000 Charts and Reports 700 Charts and Reports 440


Database 1000 Database 700 Database 440

Signs and Notifications

Signs and Notifications 1000 Signs and Notifications 700 Signs and Notifications 440


Math 1000 Math 700 Math 440

Indicators, Maps, and Markers

Indicators Maps and Markers 1000 Indicators Maps and Markers 700 Indicators Maps and Markers 440

Media, Music, and Games

Media Music and Games 1000 Media Music and Games 700 Media Music and Games 440

Media Buttons

Media Buttons 1000 Media Buttons 700 Media Buttons 440


Arrows 1000 Arrows 700 Arrows 440

Weather and Environment

Weather and Environment 1000 Weather and Environment 700 Weather and Environment 440


Overlays 1000 Overlays 700 Overlays 440