A selection of icons we have made for our clients.

These custom icon samples are sorted into three icon styles: modern mono icons; cool contemporary flat colored icons; and classic full colour icons.

Mono Icons

These are simply icons that use as single color. With no shading, these icons are also called “flat icons”.

Often these are supplied as SVG icons or icon fonts. These formats can be scaled to any size, and it’s easy to change them to any color that you need.

Let us help you choose the best format for this icon style.

MK Global Tech

MK Global Tech

These icons represent different areas of an ecommerce website. The circular borders help the icons stand out and creates a simple visual theme. They were supplied as 64×64 png images.


Compilator AB

Monochrome toolbar icons were designed for this Swedish customer. Intended for tyre storage software, these icons have an automotive theme.


Planet DDS

You want to feel in good hands at the dentist. These mono white icons were made for a dental practice management application.


MSCRM Add-ons

Mono icons are a single color, but that doesn’t prevent a set of icons having multiple colors for each icon.



A set of mono, flat white icons for a UK-based company. These icons were for software that controls an industrial cutting and dicing mackine.


Flat Multi-color Icons

Like mono icons, these icons are mainly flat-shaded, but use more than one color.

It might be just two colors to reflect your corporate color scheme or logo. Or, a wider palette can be used.

If you need help deciding what is best for you, simply get in touch. All initial advice is free, with no commitment to proceed.



These icons were for a CAD software application that controls devices used for measurement. Although they are mainly flat, some shading was used to help represent 3-D shapes.



Bold, flat icons for this CAD package. We worked closely with Moduleworks to develop a very distinct style with an empahsis of white space within the icons.



The blue and green of these icons icons for analytic management software closely represent the corparate colors of Aginity. It’s a great way of ensuring your software reinforces your brand.

Spark Space

Spark Space

Spark Space design software to help those with dyslexia within schools and the workspace. These icons were designed to match the style of our latest stock icon set.



A palette of just three bold colors were used for these icons for a vehicle tracking application. Blue was used for neutral elements, green for positive, and red for warnings.


Classic Icons

As the title says, these icons are classic and timeless. Usually with lots of color, detail, and shading.

The current trend might be for a flatter look, but sometimes colorful, and often 3D icons are just what your application needs.

Get in touch – we can help you decide. No commitment, and no charge for advice.


Sigint Solutions

Located in Cyprus, Sigint Solutions creates software to simulate wireless communication scenarios in environmental situations.



These icons were for Hitachi’s Starboard whiteboard software, used in classrooms worldwide. A full palette of bright colors, with slight emphasis towards blue was used.

Altair Development

Altair Development

Icons, predominantly green in color to match the branding of this worlwide company’s “Feko” software.



Large icons for 3-D point cloud data capture software used in industries ranging from mining to oil and gas.



These CAD / CAM icons are for an AutoCAD plugin. They were created under license and had to adhere to very strict AutoCAD design guidelines.

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