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It's here and it's huge.  Over 4,300 icons covering a wide range of common subjects.  This is by far the best and largest set of icons that we have produced, offering pixel-perfect levels of precision and detail.  Competitively priced at just $49 US it's the perfect cost-effective way to give your apps and websites that professional look you want, ensuring that you or your business stand out from your competition. Need any more help deciding?   Here some of the features that make this stock icon set the one to choose.

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Six Sizes from 16x16 to 128x128

Smartphones, tablets, retina and 4k displays - you need to suport so many different sizes of display these days with varying resolutions.  That's why our icons are all supplied in six sizes. 16x16, 24x24, and 32x32, used to be the most common sizes, but high resolution 4k and retina displays call for larger images, so we also provide 48x48, 64x64.  Finally, big and bold 128x128 pixel icons give maximum impact.

Everything Covered

Having made tens of thousands of icons for individuals and business customers it's no suprise that we have a good idea what types of icons you usually need. The stock icon set is spread over several categories, which are summarized below.  However, we realize that everyone's needs are unique, so if you cannot find some of the icons you are looking for, we can make them for you at a competitive rate.  Just get in contact with

Documents and Folders

Common Toolbar


Browser and Social Networking

Cursors, Zoom, and Select

Windows and Views

Search, Sort, and Find

Calendars and Clocks

Security and Access

Media, Music, and Games

Apps, Utilities, and Networking


Signs and Notifications

Indicators, Maps, and Markers


Business, Commerce, and Finance

Users and Contacts

Tasks, Notes, and Workflow

Design, Art, and Authoring

Media Buttons

Charts and Reports

Storage, Devices, and Hardware


Weather and Environment

Pixel-Perfect Detail

We strive for perfection.  Icons need to be clearly defined, especially at small sizes like 16x16 and 24x24.  Our icons are pixel-sharp at all sizes, as this zoomed image of 16x16 icons shows.  It's a lot of work to achieve this, but we think it's worth it.

Three Feedback States

As the animation below shows, the icons are provided in three states, a "normal" state to represent an available icon and a "disabled" state for icons that cannot be selected.  There's also "hot", a brighter version for user feedback when hovered over or selected.

Flexible Image Formats

Six industry-standard image formats for ultimate compatibility.  Need any help deciding which to use?  Just ask us.

  • 32-bit png: the most popular format with full 8-bit alpha transparency.
  • 32-bit ico: with full 8-bit alpha transparency.
  • 8-bit ico: 256 color icons with transparency.
  • Adobe Photoshop psd: separated into layers for base elements and overlays.
  • 256 color gif: paletted 256 color icons with transparency.
  • 24-bit masked bitmap: for backwards compatibilty.

A set of common overlays (add, delete, search, settings etc.) are included so you can create thousands of new icon combinations using common graphics applications and icon design software

100% risk-free guarantee.

See all 4,300 icons.