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A selection of icons we have made for our clients.


The place to go when you are stuck with your homework. These icons use eNote's red "e" logo as a common theme.


CAD / CAM icons are one of our specialties. We loved creating these bold, flat icons.

Sigint Solutions

Sigint Solutions creates software to simulate wireless communication scenarios in environmental situations.


Icons in the classroom. These are for Hitachi's "Starboard" interactive whitescreen software.


Dell asked us to make icons of their products for use in their networking presentations.


Large, highly detailed icons for a leading manufacturer of pharmaceutical laboratory instruments.


White symbols on colored tiles. Sometimes the simplest looking icons provide the most interesting challenge.

Electronic Arts

A soft blue palette with red and yellow highlights for the big-player in the computer games industry.

Elster Instromet

More pixel-sharp technical icons for this German laboratory equipment manufacturer.

Altair Development

Predominantly green in color to match the branding of this worlwide company's "Feko" software.


Subtle shades with bolder outlines representing various types of bulbs and lighting.


Crisp and sharp with a predominance of blue tones.

Freedom Medical

Freedom Medical are based in New Zealand - distance is never a problem. These icons are large and highly detailed.


Software for modelling 2-D and 3-D electric fields. No project is too technical for us.


Bright and shiny with a palette of just red, green, and orange. One of our most commented-on sets.


Circular icons in icy blue shades for this skiing website. The flags were fun to draw.


Monochrome white icons are becoming more popular due to their use in Android and iOS apps. These were for Windows software.


These flat icons were for one of the first developers of PC-based computer-aided design / computer-aided manufacturing (CAD / CAM) software.

Ag Leader

Icons for agricultural guidance software. An attractive set with a wide color palette.

Palantir Solutions

Another example of how a limited color palette helps to bring harmony and distinction to a set of icons.

Perkin Elmer

Flat, brightly-colored icons designed to be shown on user interface with a dark background.

Procter and Gamble

They make cosmetics, but they also have to design the packaging. These were for Procter and Gambles design and testing software.


Something a bit different - icons for a mining website based on a cube design.


Soft tones and a wide range of sizes. Snell Limited is a company that designs and develops solutions for the digital media market


SWIFTsoft needed various types of vehicles for their business management software. A palette of white and grey was specified.

Thermo Scientific

Another of our specialties - technical and scientific icons. Thermo Scientific make analytical equipment for laboratories.

UPS / Roadnet Technologies

Originally created in UPS brown, these icons were recolored in green when UPS rebranded their Logistics Technologies unit as Roadnet Technologies.


We created the icons for CAD / CAM application "MasterCAM". Verisurf make a plugin for the software, so they came to us for matching icons.


These CAD / CAM icons are for an AutoCAD plugin. They were created under license and had to adhere to very strict AutoCAD design guidelines.


Originally 16x16 icons for WinSCP's ftp client, we are now converting them to larger sizes to suit today's higher resolution displays.

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